Irish Indie Chart

Irish Indie Chart

Irish Indie Chart is a chart designed for the Independent artist/ Label in Ireland and abroad. We want to give the Independent Community the credit they deserve and also encourage each artist to climb the Chart.  The website Musibiz website was the first step towards the Irish Indie chart. We feature all artists on musibiz and give them a professional look. Being part of a quality Music website is vital for any artist. We have music advice and we also share any new each artists many have to all our social networks .  In short , you get plugged into a very solid platform that care about each artist and are there to help .

Climbing the Chart is based on Youtube views , Itunes views , Spotify views and in time Cd sales.  This is actually much the same as it is when climbing the Official Irish Charts. The difference here is a recognition for those who fall short of the official charts. Think of it as the official Charts are the premiership and the Irish Indie Chart as the first division. It is our focus to chart everyone who has a EP or Album in Ireland with the focus of entering the Premiership ( Official Chart ). We will chart you by your presence on all the Music platforms and your Itunes sales . In time we hope to include Cd and Vinyl sale also as we progress.

We hope have an awards process at the end of each year to recognize  the top artists on the website. We will also be reaching out to Irish Radio Stations to play our Indie chart so people of Ireland can hear whats really happening in the Music scene in Ireland and outside Ireland. We are dedicated to showcasing all Independent artists here in Ireland, as there is a serious lack of ways forward in the Irish Music scene.

This will give the independent artist, Manager and label, another avenue to consider when launching their Music to the General Public. Too Many good artists and Music are being lost here in Ireland to a system that is simply not working for them. Time for change and a new way forward.

Entering the Chart is completely free to everyone.  Simple submit to the sister site Musibiz or the contact page here and send us a 300 to 400 word Bio with all your available links . We will feature you on the website and also include you on the Indie chart.





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